Today's leaders face a world filled with confusion and complexity, often leading to a sense of chaos. Working in this type of environment calls for leaders to have a creative mindset, respond with agility, balance tensions, leverage resources, and expand their thinking This context is better known as the “Four-'C'-ABLE Future".

As a Leadership Evolvement Coach, I specialize in the following process:

Expand Leadership Capacity:

Preparation for the “Four-'C'-ABLE Future" requires leaders to expand their leadership by deepening their self-awareness and inviting them to go inward so they can go out. The Leadership Evolvement process uses several assessments designed to heighten awareness and reveal untapped leadership resources.

Equip for Today's Complexities:

Leveraging untapped resources leads to the need for new skill acquisition. The Leadership Evolvement process works with leaders to discover and build the necessary skills, equipping them to be flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing world.

Embody the Journey of Growth:

Sustainable leadership skill development in the “Four-'C'-ABLE Future" involves ongoing practice. Leaders can longer afford to hear about a new skill and expect to use it immediately. Contexts that are confusing, complex, and chaotic require leaders who are nimble and agile. An embodied approach to skill development engages the leader in mind and body, increasing the neuroplasticity in the brain, and strengthening the muscle memory of the new skills, enabling leaders to be more responsive to complex leadership challenges.

Evolve for Tomorrow's Challenges:

Our world is ever-changing, meaning the future is always ambiguous and uncertain. A leader's commitment to continuously grow toward more complexity, to evolve facilitates their ability to respond to the chaos inherent in disruption and confusion. An integrative, wholistic approach- mind-body-spirit- to leadership, positions leaders well to tackle today’s complexities and tomorrow’s challenges.

As a personal coach I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual. In a supportive atmosphere, I help clients attain the professional and personal growth they're striving for.

I often use a battery of assessments designed to deepen awareness and insight into effective utilization of strengths; revelation of limiting thoughts,  feelings, and behaviors; and co-creation of strategies and action plans to unlock and maximize potential.

I offer sessions on the phone or through video conferencing. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals, everything from communication skills to personal acceptance. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining these objectives.

Please inquire about my Leadership Evolvement Coaching packages to get optimal results at the best value.

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